Wisdom of the Ages 62

Don’t wait to show that you care. (Tomorrow is too late and you will regret it.)
Friendliness and a geniune smile go a long way in strange place. (Learn peoples names, everyone matters, it makes the difference)
and It’s really not that hard to make an effort.
Female, age 30, Melbourne Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 61

In 50 years of living, I learned that a smile will get you a lot further than a scowl, that kindnesses freely given have a way of being rewarded, not usually by the recipient but by an unexpected source. I have learned that money is not everything and that it is not a way to judge the quality of one’s life. I have learned that happiness is a state of mind that can be cultivated, and that the “victim” mentality is not a fun place to be. I have learned that if you want to have many friends, you must first give your time and attention to those who would call you “friend”. I have learned that it is important to like whatever you have chosen to do, at any given time. It is necessary to savor the little moments. They are fleeting, yet in totality, they make up the sum of our lives. My advice for a happy life would be to ask little but give much. There is joy in giving.
Female, 50, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 60

When I find myself listening to yet another recently divorced woman, I share only one piece of advise.” You have to learn to love being by yourself and living alone happily with yourself before you move on.” I had to learn that lesson the long, hard way. It’s so important and can save so many years of unhappiness . You cannot be happy with anyone if you aren’t happy with yourself.
Female, age 49, divorced 26 yrs. USA

Wisdom of the Ages 59

My favorite uncle once told me: “If you have a roof over your head, food in your belly and people who love you, you have enough.”
Gender age and country of origin not supplied

Wisdom of the Ages 58

“After one of my sister’s died young from breast cancer and I myself had a scare with a cyst, I was talking to another of my sister’s about how we can know if we are living a good life. She gave me a short and I think, very doable answer. She said, “Live in the present, be grateful for what you have, be kind and careing towards others, and try to care for the earth.”
Female 41 years, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

Wisdom of the Ages 57

“I’ve learned to embrace the moment regardless of how bad it is because that moment will be gone for ever and to look for the smallest thing to be thankful for because even in a bad situation there are little things that helped me through . In other words “good always comes out of bad” if I look hard enough for it. Also that we do find ourselves in the situation we’re in by the choices we have made.”
Female 55 years Canada.