Wisdom of the Ages 56

“I’ve learned that there is one thing that’s lacking in the world… love.”
Female, 27, USA


Wisdom of the Ages 55

“As a child I was told to do one unpleasant thing every day (no matter how small). Then, when trouble really looms I’d have the strength to handle it. Using this practice over the years I’ve found very few “large” troubles to handle”
Male aged 56 USA.

Wisdom of the Ages 54

I’ve learned that your good name is all you really have, so keep it clean. Never compromise your integrity. Your character is unique…keep it strong. Good manners and a loving word go a long way. Be ever optimistic and success will follow you everywhere. Ask only for good health….with only that you are wealthy beyond your dreams. And last but not least…have a smile for everyone you meet and mean it.
Female age 61 USA.

Wisdom of the Ages 53

“My father also told me “Be a leader, Not a follower”, and “Marry your best friend”. He is the smartest man I know, next to my husband.”
Female from Womyn aged 24, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 52

“Honor, integrity and honesty – these are the attributes that will make your life worthwhile, for in keeping these things all other worthy things will come.You will be able to love that face you see in the mirror, with all it’s flaws, and being able to love yourself makes it possible for you to love all others. It doesn’t matter in your heart whether others love you – even though they will – it only matters that you can give your love.”
Female aged 63 USA

Wisdom of the Ages 51

“After a very difficult life which included all forms of horendous abuse, alcoholism (both living w/a parent who suffered from it, then succumbing to it myself), failed marriages, abusive relationships as an adult, I found myself finally proud of my motherhood to two young children, a boy & a girl, and 4 wonderful step-sons, one of which made me a grandmother just short of my 31st birthday. When I was one month shy of my 4th anniversary of sobriety, at age 32, enjoying a full, happy, healthy, strong existence, a source of pride to my parents, my husband, and my children, I was crippled at the hands of an incompetent physician over something as simlple as an epidural nerve block to relieve some bothersome sciatic nerve pains.
I’ve tried all my life not to question God, but I had much time to ponder “why? after all this, why?”I had worked so hard to get my life together so that I could be a good mother, and now, my children, at ages 7 & 10, were now taking care of me more than I was able to take care of them. Then, it came to me. This world we live in becomes harder & harder with each passing year. It takes a strong will and a compassionate heart to make one’s way in these days of trials & tribulations. My suffering, constant, unrelenting pain, inablility to walk even a single step, is teaching my children both compassion and independence. I now look at my disability as a gift to them to prepare them for a world where only the strong endure without falling prey to the many snakes along the pathway of life.I pray daily, from morning till night, but I do not pray for myself. I pray that the lessons are learned, that I am right in my revelation, that it is not in vain. You may use my name, as I am called MamaAJ by those who know me.”
My current age is 33, born July 4th, 1968, in the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave.

Wisdom of the Ages 50

“A lazy man does the most work.”
“.ie. When you do something, do it well and thoroughly the first time. It will save so much time and give you the satisfaction of a job done well. I have worked by this aphorism all my adult life since it was told to me by a friend’s 90 year old Grandmother when I was about to have my first child 29 years ago. At the end of my professional career, having raised my children within a happy marriage of 33 years, I can tell you…..this philosophy works!”
Woman…..aged 55 years. Oyster Bay New South Wales, Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 49

“Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease and since then my motto has been “Dance every day that you can”
40 year old female from Warner Robins, GA in the USA