Wisdom of the Ages 48

My grandfather taught me to “never tempt an honest man”.
It’s been good advise.
Female, age unknown USA


Wisdom of the Ages 47

“Everyone is different and instead of wishing we were all the same, relish in the fact that we aren’t. Life would be dull if it were the other way around. The differences are what keeps us going and what teaches us all the things we learn without even knowing that we are learning. What we are weak in, others are strong, what we are strong in, others are weak. Together we can make profound differences to our lives and to those around us. We don’t have to especially like the person sitting next to us, but just knowing that they feel pain when they get hurt, they cry when they are sad and they smile when they are happy and deep down it’s just our life experiences that have made us different in the first place. Don’t write that person off just because they may happen to think differently.”
Female 48 Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 46

“Fallicy: wisdom comes with maturity . . .
Truth: there are some very mature, very young people: then are some very immature older people! Wisdom is not a process related to aging, but a result of keen observation, analytical thinking sprinkled with intuition, then assimilated and verbalized in meaningful, understandable, usable form. Yes, pay attention to your elders, but give the youngsters and the youth of the world credit for their positive actions or verbalizations. There are some really smart, intuitive, empathetic under eighteen people in this world.”
A senior female, citizen of the southern U.S.A.

Wisdom of the Ages 45

“As we experience more / or have more opportunities / or encounter more challenges (or whatever) thus having more choices it becomes apparent that the current situation / or problem / or challenge (or whatever) is the most important situation of ones life. Yesterday’s situation is resolved; tomorrow’s, is unimaginable. So, get on with it! quit sitting on your duff and supposedly thinking while doing nothing constructive. . .”
A senior female, citizen of the southern U.S.A

Wisdom of the Ages 44

“Many years ago I had the good fortune to meet a remarkable man. He and his wife had survived the Nazi Death Camps, though they had lost their entire family. He had arrived in the UK with nothing but the shirt on his back literally. His saying which he passed on to me before he died was as follows:
It is better to end with a shock, then a shock with out end.”
48 year old male. U.K.

Wisdom of the Ages 43

“The thing about the past is that it never quite happened the way I will see it in the future”
Male, aged 46 Australia