Wisdom of the Ages 41

“Now I want to tell you a story, which learned me more than all I heard or read in my life. We have a farm in Austria and the cows were always chained at the same place and couldn’t move (their whole life not..), just stand up and sit once more. I must also tell that I was born in Argentina, where I had a farm and the cows could go where they wanted to, like in Australia, and I couldn’t understand that they were kept like that!!

As we are ecological farmers, we didn’t like that (my in-laws lived yet at that time), and after a couple of years we could convince them to free the cows for some hours at least, and bring them to the pasture on the hill behind our house. The day came where we had already finished the wire fence around the pasture, and in a sunny day we undid their chains and opened the door to the pasture for them to run outside.

I’ll keep it short, not even hitting at them we could made them move. They just didn’t want to!!! At last we brought one to the pasture and tied her there to a tree, waiting for the other ones to follow. She either ate the wonderful green gras nor drunk she out of a bucket. Then we obliged the other ones with sticks and shouting wild to run into the pasture. As soon as they were up there, they saw the entrance to the stable and run back through the wire fence and jumping 2 meters down a concrete wall, two of them broke their legs doing this. They were only happy when they got their chains back in the dark stable!”
Female, aged 53 Austria

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