Wisdom of the Ages 28

“1. Be tough but maintain a frisky heart and a sense of humour.
2. Perseverence usually pays off.
3. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
4. A profound love of music and nature will bring you closer to the truly divine.”
Female, age 32 Germany.

Wisdom of the Ages 27

“People are the same everywhere. If you find them friendly and helpful in your hometown, you’ll also find them friendly and helpful halfway around the world.”
Female 43, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 26

“I’ve learned that life is easier when you don’t ask the question if you don’t really want to know the answer.”
Female, age 50, from Truckee, California

Wisdom of the Ages 25

“I have learned to take joy in the ‘in-between’ moments of life. If I wait to be happy and enjoy life until I have accomplished all that I need to do, I will never be happy.”
33-year-old female and mother of one. I live in West Jordan, Utah, USA.

Wisdom of the Ages 24

“If its been in the fridge, its all good”
Male, 19, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 23

“I’ve learnt that Howard can only be explained by Chaos theory (which still means some butterfly in South America somewhere was flapping its wings madly to start it all off)”
Male, 19, Australia in speaking of Australia’s current Prime Minister.

Wisdom of the Ages 22

“As I grow older I find that so much of what my mother and father taught is so true! Here’s a few:
– Go with your gut
– Sleep on a decision
– Learning never stops
– Go halfway with everyone, but never go more than halfway with anyone
– Trust no one until they prove themselves trustworthy
– Brighten the corner where you are
– Simple is best”
Female, 41, born in the hills-and-hollers of Pennsylvania and have lived in Arizona most of my life.

Wisdom of the Ages 21

“I have learnt that life is uncertain – eat dessert first” aged 18, female , Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 20

“I have learnt to see the glass half full instead of half empty” aged 19, female, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 19

“The batteries cost more than toys that don’t include them” aged 46, male, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 18

“What I have learnt about myself and my intersection with the world is to take things more lightly” aged 49, male, Australian