Wisdom of the Ages 17

“I have learnt that pizza dough sticks to ceiling only long enough for the wrong person to walk through the door.” aged 46, male, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 16

“Watch out for small people” aged 37, male, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 15

“Try and do some gardening without gloves sometime in your life” male,aged 37, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 14

“Trust your own thinking” aged 37, male, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 13

“Stand quietly and see what happens” male, aged 37, Australian

Wisdom of the Ages 12

“A trouble shared is a trouble halved”
4 women aged late 50s early 60s, from Wanneroo, W.A. agreed that this was true.

Wisdom of the Ages 11

“Most of the old cliches are true. My own personal things that really help are:
1. Smile and the whole world smiles with you
2. Time heals.
I admit that I am having problems with No. 2 as this year has been a bad one for me, but I keep reminding myself that it will happen given patience.”
Female, 62 years, Joondalup, Western Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 10

The conversations you have in your head will never happen and neither will all the worrying you do!
Female, age 37, Bay of Plenty, NZ.

Wisdom of the Ages 9

I’ve learned
1. It is not what we have in this life that is important, it’s what we do. Money and things will soon be spent, sold, given away. But memories of what we’ve done will be passed from generation to generation.
2. I’ve wasted too much time and accomplished too little because I was afraid someone would look at my projects and see the imperfections. I’ve stopped “ripping out” and “throwing away” my mistakes and started putting them together. If I go tomorrow (well maybe not tomorrow) they will have quilts and other projects that are imperfect, with tiny flaws – just like I am.
Female. Columbus, Ohio, USA