Wisdom of the Ages 6

“When I had my fifth daughter in 1964 my Grandmother reiterated something she had been telling my sister’s and brother and I for years, “Bring up your daughters (all children) to like one another in spite of their differences!” She did not say love as anyone knows you need to “like” others along with the love. I have not only instilled this concept in my daughters but also in my two step-children (who I love as my own) and also our son. Eight children now all adults – married – all with children of their own and now they are beginning to teach their children this concept also. All eight do like one another and we are very proud of all. It’s something I will always hold on to as a basic way of living.
“Like” is a very huge word and concept when one thinks about it.”
Female , Oregon, United States of America, age 62.

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